The Voice-Enabled Warehouse

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Voice-Enabled Warehouse

The addition of our Vocollect voice solutions to your distribution center operations offers you the transformative workforce performance gains you require, with the infrastructure flexibility you need. While voice technology was initially implemented to enhance the process flow for various fulfillment tasks, the extremely positive operational benefits companies netted resulted in a growing number of them expanding their use of our voice solutions into other areas of their distribution center. Vocollect voice solutions provide you with the immediate operational benefits you desire, without multi-year infrastructure commitments that reduce your flexibility to adopt to changes in the business environment. You can even add Vocollect voice to an existing infrastructure such as handheld scanning, Pick-to-Light and various automation environments.

There are many areas where voice technology can be applied to achieve a higher level of business performance - explore some of the most common applications of Vocollect Voice in warehouse workflows and tasks.


Honeywell Vocollect Voice Hardware

Elegant Design for Maximum Worker Ergonomics

The Vocollect Talkman device breaks down the long-time perceived walls between voice and scanning. Honeywell is proud to be the first and only organization in the world to have designed an ergonomic solution that optimizes voice and scanning in a single mobile device. For workers that occasionally require a scanner for tasks such as order induction or serial and lot number capture, you will be hard-pressed to find a more elegant and ergonomic solution.

Voice-Optimized Headsets

Only Honeywell offers industrial-grade headsets that are specifically designed and manufactured to support challenging warehouse environments. We understand what is required to maximize the ‘headset experience,’ which is often the weakest link in a positive worker experience.

Honeywell provides the flexibility to use either a wireless or wired headset option. We also offer headsets that are optimized for the challenging freezer and high-noise conveyor environments. Headset styles include versions worn behind-the-head, over the top of the head, or with hard hats. With our broad portfolio of headsets, you will find a headset choice to meet your specific demands.