Machine | Robot | Network Cable

Machine | Robot | Network Cable

KURAMO, the brand of high quality wires from Japan. It is specially designed for power and control applications. Suitable for wiring work in industrial machines and robots that are used on the production line in various types of industrial plants with the following special features:

  • Excellent softness and flexibility.
  • Good resistance to movement and resistance to warping.
  • High resistance to mechanical tensile strength.
  • Helps to prevent interference from various things as well.
  • Excellent resistance to heat and oil.
  • Does not harden or crack when exposed to oil.
  • Suitable for use with tools. or machinery with violent and fast movement.

Special Features

Left/Right Bending Test

The test was in accordance with the <PS>E safety standard. The cable was subjected to a 180 degree bend test with rollers at a speed of 10 rpm to test the softness and flexibility of the cable.

Twist Resistance Test

Bring the cable to stretch one end and twist to move the other end to the left-right 180 degrees at the end of 750 mm. length counts as 1 turn at a speed of approximately 60 rpm to test its durability and resistance to twisting well.

Cable Carrier Resistance Test

In this test, the cable is positioned and stretched in a serpentine belt assembly with a radius of curvature 7.5 times the cable diameter. The speed is about 80 meters per minute to test the strength and high mechanical tensile strength.