Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT®) that helps make AGVs more accurate

If there is a technology that can help make our work process more convenient, faster and more secure, it’s important! Still able to work 24 hours a day, and in this article we will introduce everyone to the cutting-edge technology Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®) from BLUEBOTICS that has been continuously developed. In order to increase the efficiency of the AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle), it can work according to the needs of users as much as possible.

What is Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®)?

With a long experience in the industry of BLUEBOTICS. This made it possible to continually innovate and develop various technologies. Along with accelerating the importance of technology that can help make the human work process more comfortable Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®) was born, a technology that is used as a navigation system for AGVs that is easy to use, cost-effective and responds to each workflow as much as possible.

How does Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®) work?

Because today Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®) comes in a variety of formats. So before we get to know Natural Feature Navigation Technology (ANT®), let’s get to know the different types of AGVs car navigation systems today and their advantages and limitations.

1. Line following

It is a ground-based navigation system based on the desired path for the AGVs to move, for example by attaching a magnetic stripe to the ground in a continuous line. To determine the route that the AGVs can run, etc.

The advantages are precision, reliability and durability. But the limitation is that it takes a long time to install. and difficult to modify, to modify the route or to increase the running path of the AGVs, it is necessary to remove the magnetic strip attached to the ground first.

2. Tags

Install sensors in spot locations that are routed by tagging, and cameras are used to read the sensors so that the AGVs can move along the route.

The advantage is that it works accurately. and is durable, but there is a limitation. It takes quite a long time to install. and difficult to modify, to modify the route or to increase the running path of the AGVs, it is necessary to remove the tags on the ground first.

3. Laser triangulation

The sensor is mounted in a triangular shape on top of a wall or pole, using a laser beam that is reflected from the reflector onto the AGVs so it can move along a predetermined path.

The advantage is that it works accurately, reliably, and can easily adjust routes. And it also helps to manage the traffic routes of the car effectively. But there is still a limitation that takes a long time to install.

4. Vision guidance

Camera is mounted on the AGVs to scan and memorize its surroundings. before being used to calculate the path to move safely.

The advantage is that it is quick and easy to install. But there is still a limitation. Movement accuracy may be subject to errors. If there is a change in the light that shines in and environment.

5. Natural feature navigation (SLAM)

Natural feature navigation (SLAM), abbreviated SLAM navigation / Natural navigation, is a laser scanner installed on the AGVs to scan and identify the structure of the environment. before moving along the path. 

The good thing is that it’s quick and easy to install/fix. But there is still a limitation. Laser scanners are sensitive to changes in the environment. This affects accuracy and durability.

6. Natural feature navigation (ANT®)

Inside the AGVs will be equipped with a laser safety scanner. to use to identify the environment or the area of movement of the car in the work that there are obstacles or is there any obstacles such as walls, pillars and machines, etc.

How good is ANT®?

  • Able to know the working position of the AGVs at any time.
  • Can control the operation of the AGVs from a distance.
  • Able to set proper working hours. to prevent collisions or accidents during work
  • Able to select and change the route of the AGVs for suitability and safety in use.
  • Supports movement in a variety of formats, such as narrow spaces, etc.
  • AGVs are able to avoid obstacles automatically with ANT® technology.
  • When the system has an error, there will be a notification immediately. This allows us to know the problems of AGVs vehicles quickly.
  • Easy to install and fix. It is durable for use in various environments.

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