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เครื่องบันทึก HikVision รุ่น iDS-6708NXI-I8/8F(B)

The HikVision recorder model iDS-6708NXI-I8/8F(B) can be connected to up to 8 channels 12 MP IP cameras with face comparison and alarm connection. If you can capture the face of the person who recorded the information. Multiple video content analysis VCAs are also supported.


  • Powerful face pictures library management.
  • Face pictures comparison and alarm linkage actions.
  • More precise face recognition and analytics based on deep learning algorithm.
  • Up to 8-ch 12 MP IP cameras can be connected.
  • Configurable arming time of alarm input/output.
  • Audio alarm, notifying surveillance center, sending email and alarm output.
  • Supports multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) events.
  • Easy network access via Hik-Connect.
  • Access via multi-browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces.


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