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เครื่องสแกนใบหน้า HikVision รุ่น DS-K1T605MF

DS-K1T605 series Facial Recognition Terminal adopts deep learning algorithm, which helps to recognize the face faster and more accurate. It also supports multiple authentication modes: 1: N face match, IC card authentication etc. Facial Recognition Terminal can apply to the scenarios of buildings, businesses, financial industries, and other important areas.


  • Can be installed on the wall of the building or you can install it on a table as well.
  • Can detect and scan faces in real time.
  • 5-inch LCD touch screen to display face scan results and more.
  • The face scanning distance is between 0.3 meters to 1 meter.
  • It can recognize up to 3,200 faces and recognize up to 5,000 fingerprints.
  • Supports multiple languages, including Thai, English, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Face image data and card data can be applied to the device via TCP/IP, or it can also be uploaded to the desired device via a USB device.
  • It has a face recognition function that is accurate and fast, taking only 1 second to scan faces and fingerprints per person, and has a face and fingerprint accuracy rate of about 99%.


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