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เทอร์มินัลควบคุมการเข้า-ออก HikVision รุ่น DS-K1T802 Series

Value Series Network Wire Card Terminal

DS-K1T802 Series with functionality that can control access – out smoothly. It can communicate via TCP/TP in real time with offline event notification. and record up to 10,000 event data together.


  • 32-bit processor
  • Stand-alone operation management settings
  • Supports offline working, and online upgrade
  • 3000 card number settings, and Max. 10000 event records
  • Supports Mifare card recognition, and Mifare card number reading (DS-K1T802M)
  • Supports ID card recognition, and ID card number reading (DS-K1T802E)
  • 128×64 Dot Matrix STN screen for displaying time, date, and week
  • Supports TCP/IP network communication
  • Multi-authentication mode: card, card and password
  • Supports exit button
  • Supports duress alarm function, and self-defined duress password(card)
  • Supports first card, remote open door, super card and super password. Super password would not be restricted by the schedule template. Super card must observe the permission schedule (excepts the NC status)
  • Supports offline event alarm for insufficient storage, offline alarm, door unsecured alarm, force opening door alarm, door opening time out alarm etc.
  • Supports self-defined number for eliminating alarm
  • Supports multi types of card: normal/disabled/blocklist/patrol/super/duress
  • Supports time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic method
  • Watchdog design
  • Data can be permanently saved after power-off
  • Client supports attendance function


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