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Tsubaki’s Lambda Chains were the first in the industry to use special oil-impregnated bushes. Since their launch in 1988, they have been adopted for diverse industries and applications, and their performance has been highly rated. Tsubaki offers a wide line-up of lube-free, long life products that help customers reduce total costs.


  • Lube-free, long life operation means fewer chain replacement, thereby reducing the amount of waste.
  • Lube-free operation thanks to Tsubaki’s special oil-impregnated bushes. This eliminates contamination of oil from additional lubrication and contributes to a cleaner workplace.
  • Lambda Chain’s long life with no additional lubrication reduces CO2 output by 1% compared to standard chain, which can help reduce your environmental load over the chain’s life cycle.
  • Can reduce running costs over and above the initial costs for overall cost savings.

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