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Our line-up includes Bearing Bush Conveyor Chain for high precision positioning, Double Plus Conveyor Chain that can convey items at 2.3x the chain speed, and conveyor chains with top rollers or outboard rollers.


Free Flow Large Size Conveyor Chain

A free flow conveyor is one where the chain can continue to run while conveyed goods can be stopped at any position on the conveyor using stoppers while work takes place. Once the work is finished the stoppers can be removed and the conveyor can continue to convey. Tsubaki offers a line-up of Double Plus Conveyor Chains, and conveyor chains with top rollers or outboard rollers, for this application.


Product Types / Features

Bearing Bush Conveyor Chain

A conveyor chain for high precision positioning. Needle bearings between pins and bushes minimize wear elongation as much as possible. Perfect for positioning and tact conveyance.

Deep Link Conveyor Chain

Wide link plates and R rollers with low frictional resistance are added to a base conveyor chain to allow for direct conveyance on the chain links. Chains with R rollers from Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains and chains with top plates are also available. Base chains are available in any specifications.

Flow Conveyor Chain

Flow Conveyor Chain conveys powders in a sealed case. Tsubaki Flow Conveyor Chains are found in a wide range of industries and praised for their high technology. Our line-up includes horizontal flow chains, vertical incline flow chains, and flow chains for grains.

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

A conveyor chain for bucket elevators that focuses on wear resistance and fatigue strength. With our experience and success with this chain, we can recommend them as the ideal chain for conveying cement and corrosive coal fly ash. The connecting links are also easily assembled.

Waste Treatment Conveyor Chain

We looked at the chains used in each process in waste treatment conveyors, checked the wear conditions, and created a chain perfect for each process.

Water Treatment Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains for water treatment equipment. Users can select the ideal material (stainless steel or engineering plastic) for their collectors, scum skimmers, water screens, and drive chains for these equipment.


Free Flow Large Size Conveyor Chain

Product Types / Features

Double Plus Chain

Conveyance speed is 2.3x the chain speed thanks to the size difference between its large and small diameter rollers.

Conveyor Chain with Top Rollers

A top roller is added in between chain pitches to an conveyor chain series, allowing for direct conveyance on top of the roller.

Conveyor Chain with Outboard Rollers

Outboard rollers are attached to the S rollers of any conveyor chain series.

Bearing Bush Conveyor Chain

Deep Link Conveyor Chain

 Flow Conveyor Chains

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