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Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains

  • Roller chain made from stainless steel.

Provides even greater corrosion resistance than RS Roller Chain or RS surface treated chain. Tsubaki offers four standard stainless steel chain types to meet any application.

  • RS Roller Chain with a special surface treatment.

Provides superior corrosion resistance to RS Roller Chain. While it has less corrosion resistance than stainless steel drive chain, it maintains almost the same strength as RS Roller Chain.


Stainless steel generally offers superb resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and heat. Tsubaki offers the following line-up of products taking advantage of stainless steel’s features. These chains are used in a wide range of industries, especially the food industry.

While stainless steel roller chain has excellent corrosion resistance, its strength (maximum allowable load) is only 1/8 that of steel chain. For applications requiring corrosion resistance and the same strength of steel chain, Tsubaki recommends Surface Treated Roller Chains. (However, Surface Treated Roller Chains have less corrosion resistance than stainless steel chain.

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