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โซ่เคลือบสารกันสนิม Neptune

Neptune™ Chain is treated with a special coating process, joint plates, bushings and bolts have a special double-coating. To be able to prevent bad operating conditions and the most environmentally friendly. (spring clip is made of SUS301 material), Neptune™ rollers undergo a special coating process designed to withstand corrosive conditions. This includes constant intense contact between the roller and the sprocket.



ขนาดในหน่วย มม.

ขนาดในหน่วย มม.

ขนาดในหน่วย มม.

  • Clip-on connectors for sizes RS35-NEP to RS60-NEP and cotter pins for sizes RS80-
  • When using a one-pitch half-joint It should be calculated with a 35% reduction in fatigue resistance.
  • For details on the corrosion resistance selection, see the Corrosion Resistance Reference Table.


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