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โซ่เหล็ก รุ่นพิเศษ

A Double Pitch Chain, featuring pins with holes through them for mounting various attachments for conveyance.


Special Small Size Conveyor Chain

  • Regardless of whether the chain is straight or wrapped around a sprocket, the center distance between the attachment is always the same.
  • Attachment load is distributed equally to link plates on both sides of the chain. This provides strength advantages and makes the chain less likely to meander while running.
  • It is easy to replace attachments, do maintenance, or adjust attachment spacing even while the chain is installed on the equipment.
  • Operating temperature range (Standard Series): -10ºC to 150ºC.
  • Use a lubricant that is suited to the operating temperature.


* Select the model number for detailed information.
(contact a Tsubaki representative regarding model numbers with no additional details).

Chain Size and Series Roller Type Standard Series SS Series
S RF2040S-HP RF2040S-HP-SS
RF2050S-HP RF2050S-HP-SS
RF2060S-HP RF2060S-HP-SS
RF2080S-HP RF2080S-HP-SS
R RF2040R-HP RF2040R-HP-SS
RF2050R-HP RF2050R-HP-SS
RF2060R-HP RF2060R-HP-SS
RF2080R-HP RF2080R-HP-SS

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