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โซ่เหล็ก รุ่นมาตรฐาน

Our most versatile small size attachment conveyor chain. Broadly divided into RS Attachment Chain and Double Pitch Chain, depending on plate contour. All parts are heat treated to increase their tensile and fatigue strengths.


  • Can convey items of almost any shape.
  • A wide array of options available in terms of conveyor length, direction of conveyance, and ambient conditions.
  • No slippage, allowing for accurate conveyance.
  • Extremely durable and highly efficient.


Small Size Conveyor Chain Types 

Double Pitch Chain
  • Has double the pitch of RS Attachment Chain with a flat plate contour.
  • Can use R or S rollers, allowing for use in various applications.
  • Can use sprockets for Double Pitch Chain and RS Sprockets (only with S rollers and with more than 30 teeth).
  • Ideal for relatively long span, low speed conveyance.

Structural Drawing

RS Attachment Chain
  • An RS type chain (for drive) with attachments on the plates.
  • Features a small chain pitch, and so can convey small items with a small pitch. Perfect for short span conveyance.
  • Provides high speed, smooth, quiet travel.
  • RS Sprockets can be used in most situations.

Structural Drawing

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