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Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain, with its unique structure that includes cylindrical bearings in the rollers, helps solve the needs of higher efficiency, lower costs, suppression of stick-slip phenomenon, and longer roller/rail life that face traditional conveyor chain.


Bearing roller functions

  • Reduces the chain’s running resistance (1/3 that of general use chain)
  • Greatly increases the allowable load of the rollers.

Bearing roller effects

  • Less chain tension and required motor kW.
  • Stops stick-slip phenomenon on long conveyors or at low speed operation.
  • Suppresses poor roller rotation problems and decreases rail wear.
  • Better wear life (between bushes and rollers)
  • Reduces CO2 output.


Standard Series

Standard (Previous) Specifications

Has the same dimensions as RF conveyor chain with R or F rollers. Offers 5x the wear life of general use conveyor chain (DT Series).

Anti-dust Specifications

Labyrinth construction and seals make it difficult for dust to penetrate the rollers compared to Standard Series Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain. (*Patented)

Lube-free Series

Lube-free Series Standard Specifications

Uses special cylindrical bearings that provide self-lubricating functions between bushes and rollers — rollers can be used without additional lubrication. No additional lubrication required.

Lube-free Series Water Resistant Specifications

Uses alternating stainless steel and special cylindrical bearings in the roller to provide lube-free operation in contact with water. (*Patented)

Completely lube-free specifications

Requires no additional lubrication between pins – bushes and bushes – rollers.



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