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The C4-RD safety light curtain is the economic solution for hazardous point protection with the highest level of safety for finger and hand protection. With protective field heights from 150 mm and variants available in 50 mm increments, the C4-RD is ideally suited for use in applications with small access areas to the hazardous point. The thin, clever holder concepts and absence of blind zones enables seamless integration into machines. The rugged design of C4-RD also ensures high availability, and the standardized connectivity and status LEDs guarantee easy commissioning and diagnostics. With a comprehensive range of safety sensors, safe control solutions and a worldwide service network, SICK is the optimal partner for functional safety.


  • Protective field heights: 150 mm to 1,200 mm, available in 50 mm increments
  • Thin, clever brackets and absence of blind zones
  • Rugged housing and high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Standardized connectivity and status LEDs
  • Resolutions: 14 mm and 30 mm
  • Typical scanning range: Up to 4.5 m


Safety level Type 4, PL e, SIL3, SILCL3
Resolution 14 mm / 30 mm
Scanning range 4.5 m
Protective field height 150 mm … 1,200 mm
Enclosure rating IP65, IP67
Ambient operating temperature –30 °C … +55 °C

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