The CE531XXSB power supply cable is a soft cable and give yourself a good It is well suited for severe and rapid bending and vibration applications. It has been certified by many international standards such as UL, cUL, CE, CCC, PS and <PS>E, etc.


  • Global-standard cables designed to CE&CCC (equal to or less than 2.5 mm2) & UL •cUL (equal to or less than 6 mm2) & E (0.75-4 mm2) & GOST-R
  • Oil resistance, Heat resistance (105°C), Flexibility, Moveable
  • Fine conductor.
  • Noise resistance (allowing effective use for cable connection requiring protection against EMC).
  • Low transfer impedance (250mΩ/m or less at 30MHz).
  • Internal/external cable connection to electrical equipment.
  • Cable connection under oil environment.
  • Wiring of the portion requiring noise resistance.


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