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The CLV63x product family consists of compact, powerful fixed mount bar code scanners which were designed for a wide range of applications.

The CLV63x combines a high reading performance with the improved SMART code reconstruction system: A reading algorithm that can accurately detect bar codes even if they are damaged or partially covered.

Integrated function buttons and a built-in LED bar graph enable the device to be commissioned quickly, the reading diagnosis to be started easily, and a matchcode to be taught in without a PC. The parameterization of the scanner can be saved externally via a microSD memory card.

A variety of reading distances can be covered by long-, mid- and short-range variants. All variants such as line or grid scanners, side light emission and oscillating mirrors as well as Ethernet versions are available.


  • Integrated function buttons, e. g., for starting auto setup or reading quality evaluation.
  • Integrated LED bar graph.
  • CAN, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP on board. No additional Ethernet gateway required (for “Ethernet” connection type)
  • Enhanced SMART code reconstruction technology.
  • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions.
  • Advanced, easy-to-use SOPAS configuration software.
  • High scanning frequency of up to 1,200 Hz.
  • Advanced remote diagnostics and network monitoring capabilities available over Ethernet.
  • Intelligent auto setup and multi-function pushbuttons save time during commissioning.
  • Easily execute firmware updates using the microSD memory card: no need for a PC.
  • Enhanced SMART technology reads damaged and partially obscured codes, increasing read rates.
  • Increased scanner intelligence enables sophisticated configuration of logical operations, reducing the control system programming effort. Data is then delivered in the desired format.
  • Real-time code identification even at very high conveyor speeds.
  • Increased scanning reliability due to high-performance computing power and high scanning frequency.


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