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The CLV69x fixed mount bar code scanner offers an excellent reading performance, high-speed processing and a high level of reading accuracy. The auto focus function is based on built-in distance measurement technology and makes it possible to have height-independent code reading within the reading field. Simple and user-friendly parameterization is guaranteed using the standard SOPAS ET operating system from SICK. Due to built-in SMART+ code reconstruction technology, the CLV69x can read heavily contaminated or partially damaged bar codes, as well as those with a high angle of tilt. With its integrated tracking, the CLV69x can handle standard applications without an additional system controller. The innovative connectivity with built-in parameter storage not only enables fast, simple scanner replacement, but also easy integration into a variety of applications.


  • Advanced SMART+ code reconstruction technology.
  • New and flexible cloning plug technology.
  • CAN, Ethernet and serial communications available on board (dependent on cloning plug variant)
  • Large depth of field due to real-time auto focus.
  • Consistent, user-friendly “SOPAS ET” software.
  • Built-in tracking without the use of an additional system controller.
  • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions.
  • Integrated LED bar graph with pushbuttons.
  • Higher reading rate on damaged, heavily contaminated and partially damaged bar codes using the SMART+ algorithm.
  • Increased processing allows for faster and more accurate performance on demanding applications.
  • Fewer costs since no additional Ethernet gateway is required when using the Ethernet clone plug.
  • Time savings during commissioning thanks to integrated buttons and bar graph.
  • Increased scanner intelligence enables sophisticated configuration of logical operations, reducing the control system programming effort. Data is delivered in the desired format.
  • Cost savings since standard applications can be implemented without an additional system controller due to integrated tracking.


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