• Its high electromagnetic compatibility prevents switching errors and increases machine availability.
  • Its long sensing range and compact design allow the sensor to be used in a number of different applications.
  • The compact sensor design saves installation space.
  • Fast sensor configuration possible using Teach-in pushbutton or external control cable.
  • The Dynamic Teach function can be used to familiarize the sensor with the object/medium. This enables more reliable detection and thus increases the machine’s throughput.
  • Less variants (NO/NC, NPN/PNP, flush/non-flush) means that fewer parts need to be stored.
  • Since measurements can also be made through the wall of the tank or container, there is no need to drill holes, reducing installation time.


  • Sensing range 8–25 mm
  • High EMC immunity
  • Short-circuit protection (pulsed)
  • Complementary output function
  • Enclosure rating IP 67
  • LED status indicator
  • Housings M18 and M30 available
  • High electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Compact sensor with long sensing range of up to 8
  • Teach-button for teaching in the background and/or the object (also possible via an external cable).
  • Dynamic Teach for teaching in the background and/or the object.
  • Automatic detection of NPN output or PNP output load.
  • Teach-in procedure allows you to switch between the NO and NC functions.


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