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  • Fewer maintenance costs due to a durable PTFE (Teflon ®) housing that withstands harsh industrial applications.
  • Quick and easy adjustment via potentiometer saves installation and setup time.
  • Simple, cost-saving detection alternative to photoelectric and inductive sensors in applications such as detecting product in a sealed box, container or tank.
  • High EMC immunity prevents false switching, which reduces material loss and increases throughput.
  • High shock and vibration resistance increases sensor life and reduces maintenance costs.


  • PTFE housing with M18 x 1 mm
  • High EMC immunity
  • Complementary output function
  • Enclosure rating IP 67
  • LED status indicator
  • M18 – Cylindrical housing
  • Operating distance up to 8 mm
  • Best-in-class electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Short-circuit, reverse polarity, and power-up pulse suppression protection.


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