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Combiner Boxes

Fitted between the solar modules and the inverter, the generator combiner boxes bring together the electricity that has been generated. Weidmüller has developed many standard configurations of generator combiner boxes based upon recurring customer requirements. These provide an optimal connection system, and also protection and monitoring systems.

The product range includes solutions for use in roof-mounted systems and large solar farms.

Depending on the version, the boxes can contain terminal blocks, surge protection, fuses and load circuit breakers and even systems that permanently monitor the performance of the strings.


  • Easy: The unique PCB design allows quick and easy integration of additional functions. For example, a switch can be integrated or a second MPPT can be connected directly to the first PCB.
  • Fast: With the PUSH IN connection technology, PV-Next offers the most straightforward and safest connection concept for cabling. The installation can be carried out without crimping and without special tools.
  • Safe: The intuitive design and PUSH IN connection technology make installation safer and quality assurance easier. The risk of screw connections with incorrect torque is eliminated, which is one of the main risks for fires.

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