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  • Flat housing design saves installation space on the machine.
  • Time-saving installation on machine via zip tie or counter sunk screws.
  • Time-saving setup via control wire or a pushbutton.
  • High EMC immunity prevents false switching and increases throughput.
  • Non-contact level measurement, even though container or tank walls, which eliminates drilling holes and thus reduces installation time.


  • Complementary output function.
  • Teach-in via button or COM-input (CQ28)
  • Sensing range up to 10 mm. (CQ28)
  • Adjustment with potentiometer (CQ35)
  • Sensing range up to 25 mm. (CQ35)
  • PNP or NPN output versions are available.
  • High electromagnetic immunity.
  • Extra narrow rectangular housing (5 mm).
  • Short-circuit reverse polarity and power-up pulse suppression protection.
  • IP 68 enclosure rating.
  • Programmable complementary output function as NO or NC.
  • Two LED status indicators for output and sensitivity.


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