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The ability to teach up to four colors can lead to faster changeovers and shorter downtime. The CS8 series offers high switching speeds – as fast as 6 kHz (85 µsec) – enabling higher throughput. And, the sensor maintains the extreme precision of the lightspot; this sharp, well-defined spot provides tighter process control and more consistent object detection. A bar graph display enables easy setup and provides information about the color quality and detection reliability.


  • One (CS8-1) or four (CS8-4) colors can be saved
  • 5 mm or 60 mm sensing distance
  • Fast response time up to 85 µs
  • High resolution color
  • Bar graph display shows the correlation of the colors
  • Extremely precise light spot and high resolution
  • Metal housing with two light exits (interchangeable)


Sensing distance 12.5 mm 1)
  60 mm 1)
Light spot size 2 mm x 4 mm
  13 mm x 13 mm
Switching frequency 1 kHz / 3 kHz / 6 kHz / 0.5 kHz / 1 kHz / 3.5 kHz
Response time 500 µs, 160 µs, 85 µs 2)
  1,000 µs, 500 µs, 145 µs 2)
Output (channel) 1 color / 4 colors
Adjustment Static 1-point teach-in
Connection type Male connector
1) From front edge of lens.
2) Signal transit time with resistive load.


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