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Digital Fiber Sensor FX-500 Ver.2

Equipped with the new “application-specific integrated circuit” (ASIC) and a maximum 25 μs response time, the FX-500 series is Panasonic’s advanced amplifier featuring high intensity light and bright dual digital display. The wire-saving block setup and optical communication function reduce the adjustment time as well as the footprint on the DIN rail.


  • High stability
  • Flat Display with Wide Viewing Angle
  • Wire-Saving Setup and Optical Communication
  • Built-In Logic Functions


High Stability
The powerful emitting element of the FX-500 series delivers a precise and stable reading by limiting the light intensity oscillation four times more than the previous series.

Flat Display with Wide Viewing Angle
The large, bright, and high-contrast 7-segment display provides a clear visibility from a wide angle of view.

Wire-Saving Setup and Optical Communication
The FX-500 provides the wire-saving setup, allowing the user to save the space by installing up to 16 amplifiers side-by-side and powering them up via only one power line. The optical communication feature reduces the setting time by transferring the current settings from all connected sensors at once.




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