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The DME5000 is a reflector-based high-performance distance sensor that provides a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, along with exceptionally quick response times. It has a range of up to 300 m. State-of-the-art, dynamic and accurate measurement; multifunctional switching outputs and inputs for standby, preset, maintenance and other system functions are some of the key features this sensor has to offer.


At a glance

  • Measurement range from 15 m. to 300 m.
  • Very fast measurement cycles.
  • Highest accuracy, repeatability and system availability.
  • Illuminated LC display with diagnostic information.
  • Visible red light and bracket with springs for alignment.
  • Variety of interfaces: SSI, RS-422, PROFIBUS, HIPERFACE, DeviceNet.

Your Benefits

  • Fast measurement cycles offer optimized integration into control loops for increased productivity.
  • Red laser light as well as adjustable mounting brackets (optional accessory) enable fast and easy alignment, ensuring cost-effective installation.
  • Multi-point self-checks provide maintenance and replacement warnings increasing overall system throughput.
  • Rugged metal housing as well as cooling accessories and heated device variants deliver high operating reserve in harsh ambient conditions.
  • User-friendly display with easy menu navigation ensures fast and cost-effective commissioning.
  • Multiple serial fieldbus interfaces deliver high flexibility in application integration.
  • Integrated speed monitoring for additional process reliability.
  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility for maximum system throughput.


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