EX-F1 Liquid Level Sensor It can be used to measure the level of non-viscosity liquids or sediment mixed in Compatible with clear tubes 6 to 13 mm in diameter and up to 1 mm thick with clear indicator light, lightweight, small size, does not require a controller. And easy to install Just by attaching the sensor to the pipe in the desired position, it can be used to measure the liquid level.


Space-saving amplifier built-in type

EX-F1 amplifier built-in sensor saves space as there is no need to install a separate amplifier.

Easily mountable and adjustable

Just attach it on a pipe with the tying bands. The position can be easily changed with the release lever even after mounting, so that there is no need to cut the tying bands.



Low price

EX-F1 is very cost-effective.

Easy to check operation Indicator

The operation can be checked at a glance from different directions.



Operation mode switch

Either Light-ON or Dark-ON can be selected by a switch. This is useful to check the operation during installation because it forces the output to be turned ON or OFF even without the liquid being inside the pipe.


Type Amplifier built-in, Pipe-mountable
Model No. EX-F1
CE marking directive compliance EMC Directive, RoHS Directive
Sensing object Liquid (Note 2)
Applicable pipe diameter Outer dia. ø6 to ø13 mm ø0.236 to ø0.512 in transparent resin pipe
[PFA (Fluorine resin) or equivalently transparent pipe, wall thickness 1 mm 0.039 in ] (Note 3)
Supply voltage / Current consumption 12 to 24 V DC ± 10 % Ripple P-P 10 % or less / 30 mA or less
Output NPN open-collector transistor
– Maximum sink current: 100 mA
– Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output and 0 V)
– Residual voltage: 1 V or less (at 100 mA sink current)
0.4 V or less (at 16 mA sink current)
Utilization category DC-12 or DC-13
Output operation Switchable either Light-ON (Liquid-absent-ON) or Dark-ON (Liquid-present-ON)
Short-circuit protection Incorporated
Response time 2 ms or less
Operation indicator Red LED (lights up when the output is ON)
Pollution degree 3 (Industrial environment)
Ambient temperature (Note 4) -10 to +55 ℃ +14 to +131 ℉ (No dew condensation or icing allowed), Storage: -20 to +70 ℃ -4 to +158 ℉
Ambient humidity / Ambient illuminance 35 to 85 % RH, Storage: 35 to 85 % RH / lncandescent light: 3,000 lx or less at the light-receiving face
Voltage withstandability 1,000 V AC for one min. between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ, or more, with 250 V DC megger between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Vibration resistance 10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.030 in double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance 100 m/s2 acceleration (10 G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions three times each
Emitting element Infrared LED (modulated)
Material Enclosure: Polycarbonate, Tying band: Nylon, Anti-slip tube: Silicone
Cable 0.1 mm2 3-core cabtyre cable, 1 m 3.281 ft long
Cable extension Extension up to total 50 m 164.042 ft is possible with 0.3 mm2, or more, cable.
Weight Net weight: 15 g approx., Gross weight: 60 g approx.
Accessories Tying band: 2 pcs., Anti-slip tube: 2 pcs.

Note 1:  Where measurement conditions have not been specified precisely, the conditions used were an ambient temperature of +20 ℃ +68 ℉.

Note 2:  Unclear or highly viscous liquid may not be detected stably.

Note 3:  Do not use the sensor with pipes other than the above specified.

Note 4:  Liquid being detected should also be kept within the rated ambient temperature range.

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