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Exotic EP-200

The Exotic EP-200 is used for conveying goods in the delivery process. or used to convey raw materials for storage into the warehouse It is considered a safe way of transporting goods. help save labor and reduce the time of operation as well which can carry goods weighing up to 200 kg, driven at a speed of 30 m / min.


  • Towing type: สำหรับใช้งานลากจูง
  • Maximum speed: ความเร็วสูงสุด 30 m/min
  • Maximum towing น้ำหนักลากจูงสูงสุด 200 Kg
  • Dimensions ขนาดรถ W 450 mm x L 950 mm
  • Height: ความสูงรถ H 250 mm
  • Driving time: ชั่วโมงใช้งาน 8-10 Hours

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