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Exotic EP-350

Exotic EP-350 is popularly used in the transportation of raw materials by replacing human labor. or instead of using a conveyor belt Helps to increase efficiency in the production line to be able to work continuously and more quickly It can carry up to 350 kg of raw materials, drive at a maximum speed of 30 meters per minute, and operate continuously for 5-8 hours.


  • Towing type: สำหรับใช้งานลากจูง
  • Maximum speed: ความเร็วสูงสุด 30 m/min
  • Maximum towing น้ำหนักลากจูงสูงสุด 350 Kg
  • Dimensions ขนาดรถ W 500 mm x L 1150 mm
  • Height: ความสูงรถ H 250 mm
  • Driving time: ชั่วโมงใช้งาน 5-8 Hours

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