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Full body harness Model WIND BLUE 2

Full body harness model WIND BLUE 2 is lightweight, well ventilated. It comes with a strap developed with Irucheck NFC technology that helps make it safe to use and has a longer service life.


  • Premium lightweight and highly breathable fall arrest harness. It has a dorsal fall arrest ring and a fall arrest ring at the front, both in blue for quick detection. It now also has textile shoulder rings for vertical evacuation along with the Boomer accessory. Equipped with K-Easy automatic quick-release buckles, it is height, waist and leg-adjustable.
  • It has padding designed with Holetech technology, which provides maximum breathability on the back and shoulders. It includes two positioning rings on the sides and four material-carrying straps.
  • The anchor rings are made of lightweight aluminium, while the manual adjustment buckles are made of high-strength galvanised steel, offering excellent durability over time.
  • The harness features the new Irucheck NFC technology for efficient equipment management.
  • The harness is equipped with the exclusive Antislip-System designed by Irudek.
  • It includes a waterproof Irusack 10 rucksack, preventing the equipment from getting wet and dirty.


Regulation EN 361, EN 358
Size S-M, L-XXL
Weight 2.3 kg
Load capacity 140 kg

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