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The inductive displacement transducers of the GP-X series use eddy current techniques and are particularly noted for their highly accurate measurement at a resolution of 0.02% F.S. with minimal linearity error, a high sampling frequency of 40kHz and low temperature dependence. GP-X sensors are ideally suitable for the highly accurate motion and distance control of metal objects in harsh industrial environments.


  • High sampling frequency of 40kHz
  • Resolution of 02% F.S.
  • Minimal linearity error max. ±0.3%S.
  • Minimal temperature dependence max. ±0.07%S./°C
  • Bright, two-colour LCD display
  • Preselectable materials (aluminium, steel, iron)
  • Four measurement modes (preselectable)
  • Cross talk prevention function
  • Offset compensation and scaling functions
  • Synchronisation input and alarm output
  • Adjustable limit values with transistor outputs

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