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Grammato GT12

The Grammato GT12 is an automatic forklift that makes the workflow more efficient, freight or moving pallets do more quickly ready to help save the cost of employment. Able to replace human labor as well and it also has high transportation safety, where the Grammato GT12 can lift cargo weighing up to 1,200 kg and lift up to 1,500 mm, with a maximum speed of 50 meters per minute and continuous use of up to 8- 12 hours.


  • Folklift type: สำหรับใช้ยกย้ายพาเลท
  • Maximum speed: ความเร็วสูงสุด 50 m/min
  • Maximum Loading: น้ำหนักยกสูงสุด 1,200 Kg
  • Lift height ความสูงการยกงาน: 1,500 mm
  • Driving time: ชั่วโมงใช้งาน 8-12 Hours

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