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For white plastic caps, marking QR with size 11mm*11mm, marking contents is less than 35 characters, this system efficiency is about 600-800pcs/minute. Real productivity will have some difference according to plastic caps size, material, color, marking etc.


  • With full self-designed DRACO series laser generator technology.
  • Can mark different characters, symbols, pictures or 2D code on various colors of plastic caps. 2D code marking effect is fast, clear, safe, recognizable.
  • No need any laser fertilizer on the caps.
  • After mark, the caps are available to pass the food safety certification.

Professional plastic caps laser marking system, With the function like loading, sorting, marking, inspection, NG rejects, counting and unloading, data process etc.


No. Item Specification
1 Laser type UV laser
2 Laser power ≤15W
3 Repeated frequency 8-200KHz
4 Marking area 100mm×100mm
5 Marking line width ≤0.015mm
6 Marking depth ≤0.01mm
7 Min. character 0.06mm
8 Marking line speed 15000mm/s
9 Repeated accuracy ±0.01mm
10 Power supply 220V/single phase/50Hz/60Hz/10A
11 Machine power ≤2KW
12 Cooling method Water cooling

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