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  • The device can achieve online. (Integrated with SMT production line), automatic loading and unloading, positioning, code marking, code reading and PCBA inspection.
  • The technical parameters of the equipment are mainly based on the PCBA industry SMEMA standards.
  • Use CCD to measure the resolution of work.


  • Applicable for digital products, automotive wearable devices PCBA, mobile phone PCBA, FPC, etc.
  • Etching on Rigid and Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBA).
  • Support 1D Barcode, 2D Matrix, QR Code, Logo, Number Marking.



Type HDZ PCBA100
laser generator Standard: CO2
Options: UV laser, green laser, fiber laser.
laser marking area 60*60mm
Mark length 100 mm ± 2 mm
Applicable PCBA board size 50*50mm-460*460mm
cooling method cold weather
lifelong 20,000 hours
suitable surface thickness 0.6-3mm
Suitable production line height 900±20mm
Repeated system positioning accuracy ± 0.15 mm (CCD position)
gas supply 0.6-0.8Mpa
power supply 220V
power consumption <2.2 KW
machine size 950mm × 1600mm × 1700mm (H)
weight 600KG

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