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Helmet “MIDORI” Model. SC-MB

Helmet “MIDORI” Model. SC-MB is made of good quality ABS material, resistant to electricity (not more than 7000V), comes with 4-point chin strap and has 3 colors to choose from: white, yellow and green, and is certified with JIS-T8131 standards from Japan.


  • The helmet shell is made of good quality ABS material.
  • Japanese military style helmet without wings.
  • The padding is a push-button slide that can be adjusted in the range of 55-62 cm, designed to support 8 impact points and has a sweat-wicking strip on the front.
  • There is a foam padding between the inner lining and the shell.
  • 4-point chinstrap, push in/release using Buckle.
  • Total weight about 400

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