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Overwhelmingly stable. Fitted with a precise CMOS image sensor and an original algorithm.

Thanks to a precise CMOS image sensor, it is now possible to perform highly precise measurements in the order of 1/100 mm 0.0003 in. The existing adjustable range reflective sensors cannot achieve such accuracy.


  • The HG-C series is the smallest CMOS laser sensor in industry *. W20 × H44 × D25 mm W0.787 × H1.732 × D0.984 in, 35 g approx. (without cable)
  • In general, more accurate and stable measurements can be obtained by increasing the optical path length between the light-receiving part and the light receiving element (CMOS), but this also increases the sensor depth and the sensor body gets bigger. The HG-C series sensors incorporating a new optical system with a built-in mirror provides smaller sensor depth as well as higher measurement accuracy equivalent to displacement sensors.
  • A light-weight but strong die-cast aluminum enclosure has been adopted. A compact, solid body enclosure reduces the impact of strain and heat on the measurement accuracy.


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