HG-S Slim & Robust Sensor Unit

HG-S Slim & Robust Sensor Unit, a digital contactless distance sensor from Panasonic, just press the unit to know the value. Whether it is measuring distance, position, thickness, height and depth of the object to be measured. With a compact shape, convenient to use


  • The distance sensor measures the thickness, height, size, position or depth of an object.
  • Response time as fast as 3 ms, maximum measurable resolution 0.1 µm.
  • It is durable. Lifespan up to 100 million times per press.
  • Can set to control the desired distance to measure, with digital measurement results
  • There is an output for informing both ON/OFF and Analog measurement results.
  • Can be installed either attached to the machine or attached to an automatic moving robotic arm. 
  • The sensor head side is designed according to IP67 standards, which is dust and water resistant.



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