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The HL-T1 is an ultrasmall laser thru-beam sensors with very high resolution. Three different types are available: HL-T1001A with a 1mm laser beam which is able to detect object 8µm in diametre at a distance of 500mm between receiver and transmitter; HL-T1005A and HL-T1010A with a laser collimator which produces a light curtain of 5mm or 10mm width respectively. The red semiconductor LED, which belongs to laser class 1, makes it possible to use HL-T1 without any safety requirements.


  • Resolution max. 4µm
  • Red light semiconductor LED belongs to laser class 1
  • Sensing range up to 2m (HL-T1001A)
  • sensing object 8µm diametre (HL-T1001A)
  • Compact design
  • Side view (HLT1SV1/HLT1SV2)
  • Extension cable (4 / 8m)

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