I/O System IP20 - u-remote

Weidmüller u-remote – our innovative remote I/O concept with IP 20 which focuses purely on user benefits: tailored planning, faster installation, safer start-up, no more downtime. For considerably improved performance and greater productivity.

Reduce the size of your cabinets with u-remote, thanks to the narrowest modular design on the market and the need for fewer power-feed modules. Our u-remote technology also offers tool-free assembly, while the modular “sandwich” design and integrated web server speed up installation, both in the cabinet and machine. Status LEDs on the channel and each u-remote module enable reliable diagnosis and rapid service.


Minimise machine downtimes

The machine may be at a standstill, but communication is still ongoing: u-remote is completely hot-swap capable. Replace the electronics without the need to switch off the I/O system.

Respond faster due to integrated diagnostics

The integrated u-remote web server enables start-up in sections even before machinery is commissioned. Shorten downtimes by making use of fast error identification with plain-text diagnostics.

Immediately identify errors

You can localise errors instantly with an LED directly on the channel and status indicators on every module, an indispensable benefit for secure commissioning and rapid system maintenance.

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Download Catalog : I/O System IP20 – u-remote

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