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I/O System IP67

In both machine and plant construction, sensors and actuators from the entire machine have to be connected to the control unit. Depending on the machine, the size and also the count of the signals may be very large so that fieldbuses and IO systems should be used to collect the signals locally. The u-remote IP67 product family solves this problem by means of IP67 protected encapsulation at the very point where the sensors and actuators are located.


  • Robust design: The IP67 modules from u-remote measure up to the most stringent robustness requirements.
  • Productivity in a very confined space: Measuring 30 mm or 60 mm wide, u-remote can be installed both in confined spaces and on common profiles.
  • Top performance despite temperature fluctuations: As an IP67 system, u-remote is well-protected against water and dust and wide temperature range.

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