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ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader

ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader

As a compact industrial barcode reader, ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader (Brand: Hikrobot) can be embedded in automated machine equipment and other automated assembly line proximity barcode reading applications. Support common 1D, 2D and DPM codes, the patented lighting design provides high-quality image lighting.

Reliable reading performance

ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader: Supports the identification of multiple 1D and 2D codes and DPM codes like laser engraving, inkjet and others. The decoding frame rate can reach up to 20fps and the code reading speed can reach 45 codes/s.

Rich models available


ID2016M-16S / ID2016M-25S

  • 1.6MP manual focus
  • 16mm25mm focal length




  • 1.6MP
  • C mount lens interface



ID2004M-06S / ID2013M-06S / ID2016M-06S

  • 0.4MP1.3MP1.6MP
  • Manual focus, 6mm focal length


  • 1.3MP, 5mm lens
  • Cost-effective choice


product details:



  • 1MP, 5mm lens


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