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The IDM12x is a cost-effective, flexible introductory model in the IDM1xx mobile hand-held scanner series. The IDM12x is more than just a contact scanner compared to similar products. It can also identify bar codes up to 120 mm wide and at a maximum reading distance of 25 cm. A read rate of 300 scans per second not only reduces the required scan time but also increases the throughput. The ergonomic design, its light weight of just 106 g, and various presentation modes make this device a top choice for users. The scanner meets enclosure rating IP 41 and can withstand multiple drops from a medium height. The device can be easily integrated into existing systems thanks to the variety of interfaces it supports, such as PS/2, USB, and RS-232. The combination of performance, durability, ease of use, and low cost make the IDM12x a great choice with the flexibility to carry out various simple tasks in fields such as point of sales, clinical analysis, and general office automation.



  • Reading at contact and distances up to 400 cm
  • Identification of all popular 1D codes
  • Scan rate up to 300 scans/second
  • Withstands 25 drops from 5 m height
  • Extremely lightweight, only 106 g
  • Connection as PS/2 and USB keyboard wedge, serial USB or via RS-232 TTL
  • Enclosure rating IP 41


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