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The IDM26x mobile hand-held scanner securely and reliably identifies two-dimensional codes, and all standard linear or stacked codes. Thanks to its rugged, IP65-protected housing, the mobile hand-held scanner is able to withstand adverse ambient conditions. At the same time, however, it is light, easy to hold, and can be used simply and intuitively due to its triple read feedback via LED, beeper, and vibration. The wireless variants ensure flexibility and mobility. For integration into industrial fieldbuses, such as PROFIBUS or PROFINET, SICK connection modules can be used. The combination of reliable code reading, rugged design, and SICK connectivity enables use in an extremely wide range of industrial fields of application.


  • Identification of all standard 1D, stacked, and 2D codes
  • Reliable, secure, and fast code reading
  • Rugged, stable housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Supports all common corded and cordless interfaces as well as industrial fieldbuses via SICK connectivity
  • Good read feedback via LED, beeper, and vibration


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