Incremental Encoders DBS60 Core

The DBS60 is a rugged incremental encoder with a 60 mm diameter and small installation depth. The device comes in an aluminum or stainless-steel housing and offers lots of mechanical interfaces. The DBS60 Inox variants can even withstand harsh ambient conditions due their fully stainless steel design and rugged shaft seal. The IP69K DBS60I-W variant with its patented deflector screen is the ideal solution for applications in washdown environments. In addition to the interfaces for TTL and HTL, the DBS60 also offers two universal interfaces with a wide voltage range. Due to the high enclosure rating, rugged design, and a resolution of up to 10,000 pulses per resolution, the DBS60 is suitable for applications in many different industries.


  • Pulses per revolution: Up to 10,000
  • Housing diameter: 60 mm
  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft, and through hollow shaft
  • Enclosure rating: IP67, IP69K
  • Communication interfaces: TTL/RS-422, HTL/Push Pull, universal interface (TTL, HTL)
  • Connection type: M12 or M23 male connector, cable, cable with M12 or M23 male connector
  • Stainless steel or aluminum housing


Pulses per revolution 0 … 10,000 1)

0 … 5,000 1)

Mechanical design Solid shaft, Servo flange

Solid shaft, face mount flange

Blind hollow shaft

Through hollow shaft, rear clamping

Through hollow shaft, Front clamp

Solid shaft, Square flange

Shaft diameter 6 mm 2)

6 mm

10 mm 2)

10 mm

12 mm


8 mm



14 mm

15 mm

6 mm shaft isolated

8 mm shaft isolated

3/8″ shaft isolated

10 mm shaft isolated

12 mm shaft isolated

1/2″ shaft isolated

14 mm shaft isolated

15 mm shaft isolated

Connection type Male connector, M23, 12-pin, radial

Male connector, M12, 8-pin, radial

Cable, 8-wire, universal

Cable, 8-wire, with male connector, M12, 8-pin, universal

Cable, 8-wire, with male connector, M23, 12-pin, universal

Cable, 8-wire, radial

Communication interface Incremental
Communication Interface detail TTL / RS-422

HTL / Push pull


Supply voltage 4.5 … 5.5 V

10 … 30 V

10 … 27 V

4.5 … 30 V

Enclosure rating IP67



Output frequency + 300 kHz
Operating temperature range –20 °C … +85 °C 3)

–30 °C … +100 °C 3)

–30 °C … +85 °C 3)

–20 °C … +85 °C

–30 °C … +100 °C

–30 °C … +85 °C

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