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KIV(600V), PVC insulated power cable is suitable for connection to machinery and to electrical appliances rated at 600V or lower with a certification for material and equipment safety. Use electricity from Japan <PS>E


  • Heat resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Noise resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • non-migratory
  • Transport property
  • Wiring of electrical machinery and apparatus not exceeding 600V.
  • Flexible annealed copper stranded conductor.
  • Flexibility, 8 mm2-100 mm2 is, use the 0.32mm wire instead of 0.45 mm conductor wire.
  • Reference to JIS C 3316.
  • 75 mm2 ~ 100 mm2 wires conform to Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. (0.5 mm2 wires out of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)


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