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The insulated control cable is made of special PVC, soft and flexible. Good resistance to oil corrosion can be immersed in oil Insulation does not crack, does not harden when exposed to oil. Suitable for applications where wires are exposed to oil. Helps to extend the time to change the wires. This reduces the time for maintenance of the machine and has soft copper threads and has a fineness of up to 0.12 mm. Made from pure copper. It can also conduct current well and be mobile. Suitable for installation of control systems of machinery and sensor equipment in various industrial plants. It can be used at 150V, temperature 0-80 degrees, with a range of 2-60 cores and a size of 0.1-05. Sqmm.


  • Flexibility
  • Oil resistance
  • UL/cUL compliance
  • Wiring for machine tool’s control circuits.
  • Cable connection under oil environment.



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