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The LD-MRS multi-layer scanner is an efficient sensor solution for automation. It is immune to snow, rain and dust and is therefore particularly well-suited for rough outdoor industrial applications in stationary and mobile operation, such as in ports and surface mining, for measuring and for monitoring tasks as well as in industrial vehicles. The LD-MRS is available with object tracking or field evaluation. It scans and measures objects and areas on up to eight parallel planes simultaneously, which enables it to detect sloping lanes and compensate for the pitching movements of vehicles. It can also detect up to three consecutive echo pulses per measurement and plane. With its lightweight, compact and rugged design, it can be integrated easily into different applications.


  • Simultaneous measurements on up to 8 scan planes
  • Weatherproof thanks to multi-echo technology and IP69K enclosure rating
  • Lightweight, compact design: Approx. 77 kg / 1 kg
  • Wide temperature range: –40 °C to +70 °C
  • Low power consumption: 8 watts
  • Different angular resolutions in the scanning range are available
  • Integrated object tracking


Application Outdoor
Integrated application Field evaluation, object tracking, output of measurement data
Aperture angle
Horizontal 85°, Working range with 4 measuring planes,
25° extension of working range with 2 measuring planes to a total of 110°
85°, working range with 8 measurement layers,
25° working range expansion with 4 measurement layers (total 110°)
Vertical 3.2° / 4.2° … 6.4° (± 0.2°)
Angular resolution 0.125°
Working range 0.5 m … 320 m
Scanning range
At 10% remission 30 m … 50 m
150 m
Amount of evaluated echoes 2-Mar
Scanning frequency 12.5 Hz … 50 Hz, object tracking at 12.5 Hz
Ambient operating temperature –40 °C … +70 °C
Weight 1 kg / 0.77 kg

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