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Maximum performance and optimized throughput: The Lector65x image-based code reader from SICK stands up to the challenges of logistics and factory automation. Thanks to its 40 Hz frame repetition rate and real-time decoding, it reliably identifies 1D, 2D, and directly marked codes at the highest possible speed. An image resolution of 2/4 megapixels gives it a large field of view. In combination with its dynamic focus, the highest levels of flexibility are achieved for code positioning, object height, and transport speed. The intuitive device equipment – featuring function buttons, auto-setup, aiming laser, an acoustic feedback signal, and a green feedback LED – reduces the amount of work required for training and installation. The microSD memory card can be used to store images or backup copies of parameters. Thanks to SICK’s 4Dpro feature, the Lector65x can be integrated into numerous industrial networks.


  • 2/4-megapixel resolution; high frame repetition rate of 40 Hz.
  • Dynamic focus adjustment from object to object.
  • Integrated high-power LED illumination.
  • Function buttons, aiming laser, optical and acoustic feedback signal.
  • Highly flexible code position, object height, and transport speed due to a large field of view and dynamic focus.
  • Cost-effective, straightforward, modular integration of multiple devices adapted to the width of the conveyor belt.
  • Minimum training and installation work due to intuitive device equipment that includes function buttons, auto setup, integrated illumination, an aiming laser, an acoustic feedback signal, and a green feedback LED.
  • Intelligent decoding algorithms ensure maximum reading performance and high package throughput, even with codes that are difficult to read.
  • SICK 4Dpro platform facilitates quick and easy integration into numerous industrial networks.


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