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3D fiber laser system with high speeds and precise marking quality.

The Panasonic Laser Marking Series LP-M stands out for its high speed. With an output of up to 50W, it makes rapid, deep markings on metal. Thanks to the optional NaviLink 3D software, you are just a few steps away from previewing the product to be marked using 3D simulation. The user can see immediately whether the marking will fit on the product and how it will look. This makes it possible to increase production efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs.


  • High degree of protection IP64
  • FAYb Laser Marking Machine Model LP-M 3D laser marker with high wattage 3-axis marking control.
  • There are models with a maximum power of 40 watts, making it possible to mark hard workpieces well. Marks are deep and long-lasting, non-volatile.
  • The marking focal distance is adjustable: 22 mm, making it ideal for marking on curved, concave, oblique, sloped or level surfaces.
  • The print area is available in two sizes: 120 x 120 mm., 220 x 220 mm.
  • Able to mark work on metal and non-metal objects.
  • Can mark letters, numbers, pictures, logos, barcode, 2D Code, Lot, production, expiration date, etc.
  • There is a laser guide system to show the position and preview before the actual marking.
  • The laser head is compact.
  • can be controlled directly on the machine with a touch screen or can be connected via a computer and
  • There is a USB port, RS-232C port, Terminal Block, I/O Connector for ease of use.

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