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Measuring wheel encoders DKV60

The compact DKV60 measuring wheel encoder is a cost-effective way to determine position and speed directly on the conveyor belt or rollers. The DKV60 consists of an incremental encoder, measuring roller, mounting plate and cable guide and is delivered fully assembled. 2 different measuring wheel surfaces enable adaptation to the measuring surface.


  • Complete pre-assembled measurement system.
  • Measuring wheel with knurl or O-ring for adjusting to the measuring surface.
  • Mounting bracket made of stainless spring steel.
  • High resolution up to 0.1 mm (1 … 2,000 pulses/revolution)
  • Electrical interfaces: Open Collector NPN, TTL/RS-422 or HTL/push pull.
  • Connection via cable connection, can be used radially or axially with free cable ends or assembled with M12 male connector.


Resolution in pulses/mm 0.015 … 10
Spring deflection spring arm ± 1.5 mm
Measuring wheel circumference 200 mm
Measuring wheel surface Cross knurled aluminium / O ring EPDM
Communication interface Incremental
Communication Interface detail TTL / HTL
Connection type Cable, 8-wire, universal

Cable, 8-wire, with male connector, M12, 8-pin, universal

Supply voltage 4.5 V … 30 V

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