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Measuring wheel encoders DUV60

The DUV60 is a measuring wheel encoder with DIP switch configuration, designed to be optimized for conveyor and web feedback. The ability to configure the output voltage, resolution, and counting direction reduces the number of variants, enables easy replacement and quick commissioning, and increases the likelihood that spare parts will be in stock – all without any additional programming tools. The on-board status and signal LEDs and optional fault output quickly indicate the functionality of the encoder, minimizing time required for both installation and troubleshooting. The DUV60 offers a range of mounting configurations for dual or single wheel applications, making the DUV60 the ideal solution for conveyor, web, and logistics applications.


  • Single or dual wheel measuring wheel encoder
  • DIP switches for programming resolution, signal output,
  • And counting direction
  • Universal 5 V … 30 V supply
  • LEDs that indicate encoder status and output signal.
  • M12 male connector, 4- or 8-pin, or universal cable outlet
  • Optional fault output directly from encoder


Spring deflection spring arm ± 3 mm / ± 10 mm
Spring arm design Spring arm, encoder on mounting side

Spring tension, under-belt flange mount

Without mount

Spring arm, wheel on mounting side

Spring tension, under-belt yoke mount

Counter-weight, under-belt yoke mount

Over-belt yoke mount

Measuring wheel circumference Without measuring wheel

300 mm

12 ″

Measuring wheel surface O-ring NBR70 / smooth plastic (urethane)
Communication interface Incremental
Communication Interface detail TTL
Connection type Male connector, M12


Supply voltage 4.75 V … 30 V
Operating temperature range –30 °C … +70 °C

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