Safety laser Scanners microScan3

The microScan3 safety laser scanner stands for the protection of very different applications: from stationary to mobile, from simple to complex. The innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology makes the microScan3 extremely resistant, even to dust and ambient light, and delivers high-precision measurement data. It increases the productivity and availability of machines. The different variants of the microScan3 can be integrated simply and safely into countless networks. In addition, the safety laser scanner offers standardized connectivity for time-saving commissioning. The microScan3, the easy handling of its Safety Designer configuration software and its diagnostic options combine user-friendly operation, innovation and very high performance.


  • Innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Protective field range: up to 9 m, scanning angle: 275°
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields and up to 8 simultaneous protective fields
  • Standardized communication interfaces
  • System plug with configuration memory


Application Indoor
Protective field range 4 m / 5.5 m / 9 m
Warning field range 40 m / 64 m
Scanning angle 275°
Number of fields 8 / 4 / 128
Number of monitoring cases 1 … 128
Response time ≥ 70 ms
OSSD pairs 1
Integration in the control system Local inputs and outputs (I/O)
CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP™
EtherCAT® FSoE
Safety level Type 3, PL d, SIL2

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